UT Dallas 2013 Undergraduate Catalog

Emerging Media and Communication

EMAC 3328 The Digital Society (3 semester hours) This course will examine the way the digital network changes our society. Students will examine various shifts that have occurred in our public and private lives as a result of the digital network. The class will cover a range of issues which, depending on the instructor, could include: social networks, privacy, journalism, politics, intellectual property, among others. May be repeated for credit (6 hours maximum). Prerequisite: ATEC 2322. (3-0) Y

EMAC 3343 Social Networks (3 semester hours) This course introduces the theoretical perspectives and practical applications of the study of social networks, which include (but are not limited to) friendship networks, political discussion networks, social support networks, health networks, organizational networks, and online networks. The emphasis of the course will be placed on the impact of communication technologies on the creation, maintenance, and transformation of social networks in contemporary media environments. Students will also learn to analyze and visualize networks using computer programs. (3-0) Y

EMAC 4325 Digital Writing (3 semester hours) This class will introduce the forms and strategies of digital composition. Through this writing-intensive course students will learn to write in and about digital networked spaces, focusing on changes that the switch from analog to digital has brought to representation. This course will explore writing in the digital age across a range of technologies, environments, and spaces. Prerequisite: (RHET 1302 and ATEC 2321 and ATEC 2322) and upper-division standing. (3-0) Y

EMAC 4372 Topics in Emerging Media and Communications (3 semester hours) The course studies fundamental principles and basic techniques of emerging media and communication. Sections may be devoted exclusively to a single aspect of emerging media and communication or to a multiplicity of subjects related to the field. May be repeated for credit as topics vary (12 hours maximum). Prerequisite: Upper-division standing. (3-0) R

EMAC 4v71 Independent Study in Emerging Media and Communication (1-3 semester hours) Independent study under a faculty member's direction. Signature of instructor on proposed project outline required. May be repeated for credit (9 hours maximum). Prerequisites: Upper-division standing and completion of all lower-division requirements in EMAC and instructor consent required. ([1-3]-0) R

EMAC 4v80 Capstone Project (1-3 semester hours) Culminating course in Emerging Media and Communication. Students will engage in the creation of an advanced creative and/or research project exploring the interaction of the arts with digital technology. Restricted to students majoring in Emerging Media and Communication who are within one semester of graduation. Prerequisite: Instructor consent required. ([1-3]-0) Y

EMAC 4v99 Senior Honors in Emerging Media & Communication (1-3 semester hours) Intended for students conducting independent research for honors theses or projects. Topics may vary. Signature of instructor on proposed project outline required. ([1-3]-0) R