UT Dallas 2013 Undergraduate Catalog

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

ENTP 3301 Entrepreneurship (3 semester hours) Explores all aspects of entrepreneurship and the process of creating new ventures. Topics include innovation and entrepreneurship and the roles of both in the domestic and international economies, opportunity recognition and evaluation, feasibility analysis and validation of assumptions, customer identification, value propositions, business models, market entry strategies, bootstrapping, venture finance, and legal considerations. Student teams will develop a business concept, prepare a preliminary business plan and prepare and present an investor overview presentation. Prerequisite: At least sophomore standing. (3-0) Y

ENTP 3320 Start-up Launch I (3 semester hours) This course provides an opportunity for a student or a student team to develop a business concept and proceed toward the launch of a business. The course will follow a structured and defined methodology for the refinement and validation of a business concept based on leading industry practices. Participants will be selected and enrolled in the course on the basis of a proposal for a business concept, approved prior to registration in the course. Participant business ideas can come from many sources, including concepts or ideas developed in other entrepreneurship courses or during the Business Idea Competition. Additional resources including office space or laboratory facilities in the Venture Development Center may be applied for. Additionally, as concepts are refined, student teams may modify or pivot their approach during the semester with faculty support. Students will enroll and complete the course either individually or as a venture team. Prerequisite: Instructor consent required. (3-0) R

ENTP 3321 Start-up Launch II (3 semester hours) Faculty mentored development of a business concept initiated in ENTP 3320. Prerequisite: Instructor consent required. (3-0) R

ENTP 3322 Start-up Launch III (3 semester hours) Faculty mentored development of a business concept initiated in ENTP 3320. Prerequisite: Instructor consent required. (3-0) R

ENTP 3323 Start-up Launch IV (3 semester hours) Faculty mentored development of a business concept initiated in ENTP 3320. Prerequisite: Instructor consent required. (3-0) R

ENTP 3360 Entrepreneurial Finance (3 semester hours) Explores the process of raising capital and managing financial resources in entrepreneurial ventures. Focus on forecasting cash flows, cash flow management, capital budgeting, valuation, capital structure and the various financing methods and mechanisms available to entrepreneurs (bootstrapping, angel investors, venture capitalists, IPOs) seeking to raise capital for a new venture. Prerequisite: FIN 3320. (Same as FIN 3360) (3-0) Y

ENTP 4311 Entrepreneurial Strategy & Business Models (3 semester hours) Students will learn to assess and conduct in-depth analyses of potential business opportunities, with an emphasis on entrepreneurial business strategies, innovative business models and the determinants of new venture success in high tech and other business environments. Alternative strategies and approaches for market entry and the growth of a new venture will be explored in both domestic and international environments. The application of these frameworks, tools and techniques will be illustrated with case studies and a project focused on evaluating an existing or new venture and making recommendations to its management. Prerequisites: (ENTP 3301 or instructor consent required) and sophomore standing. (3-0) Y

ENTP 4320 Small Business Management (3 semester hours) An integrative course designed to help students develop the skills and knowledge required to successfully establish and manage a small business. The course addresses major problem areas faced by smaller companies, including development of systems and processes to monitor and run the business, legal issues in launching and growing the business, building and maintaining customer relationships, promotional planning, team building, conflict resolution, personnel and compensation issues, and development of exit strategies. The course will also address special issues unique to managing a family business and franchising. Prerequisites: ENTP 3301 or Instructor consent required. (3-0) Y

ENTP 4330 Entrepreneurial Marketing (3 semester hours) This course addresses the marketing challenges facing the entrepreneurial firm, including the introduction and marketing of new products and services without the benefit of an established reputation, channel infrastructure or customer base. Topics include the development of marketing strategies, channel selection and design, product positioning, competitive pricing strategies, advertising and promotion, etc., all within the framework of the resource and reputational limitations inherent in a new venture, whether in the context of an entrepreneurial startup or an established organization. Prerequisites: ENTP 3301 or instructor consent required. (3-0) Y

ENTP 4340 Social Entrepreneurship (3 semester hours) This course will explore the role and importance of the non-profit sector and the unique place it occupies in 21st century life. The course will develop theoretical and conceptual frameworks appropriate for understanding the processes and challenges of non-profit ventures in the social sector. Student teams will work with selected non-profits in the local community on projects focused on the issues and challenges of mission definition, service delivery, business practices, fund-raising and governance. Prerequisites: at least junior standing. (3-0) Y

ENTP 4350 Corporate Entrepreneurship (3 semester hours) This course seeks to equip student with the skills required to develop new ideas and create viable new businesses within the context of an established organization. The course will address the development of an internal culture of innovation, processes for reviewing ideas and for developing business concepts, strategic analysis, and positioning for competitive advantage. The course will address both domestic and international corporate entrepreneurship. Prerequisites: (ENTP 3301 or instructor consent required), and at least junior standing. (3-0) Y

ENTP 4360 Innovation & Creativity (3 semester hours) This course will explore individual creativity and organizational innovation. Topics will include the nature of creativity, the development of an innovative mind-set in individuals, the antecedents and processes of individual and group creativity, the barriers to and management of corporate innovation, and the development of the managerial skills essential to the stimulation and management of group creativity and innovation. The course will be organized around a series of individual and team-based innovation challenges. Prerequisites: at least junior standing. (3-0) Y

ENTP 4v90 Innovation and Entrepreneurship Internship (1-3 semester hours) This internship course must be directly related to your concentration or minor in innovation and entrepreneurship. Students gain experience and improve skills through appropriate work assignments in a real business environment. Student must identify and submit specific business learning objectives at the beginning of the semester. At the end of the semester, students prepare a presentation describing their work experience and work output. Consent of the JSOM Internship Coordinator and the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program is required. Credit/No Credit. ([1-3]-0) Y