UT Dallas 2013 Undergraduate Catalog


HUMA 1301 (HUMA 1301) Exploration of the Humanities (3 semester hours) An introduction to the concept of cultural tradition through the study of selected works of literature, philosophy, music, and visual art. Emphasis on the relations among various forms of cultural expression and developing students' ability to interpret complex artistic works in their historical, cultural, and intellectual contexts. General education core course. (3-0) S

HUMA 3300 Reading and Writing Texts (3 semester hours) Focuses on a significant topic or issue through which students are offered an opportunity to gain experience in various analytic and interpretive approaches. Explores connections among artistic and intellectual endeavors appropriate to a range of courses in the Arts and Humanities. This course is a requirement for all AHST, AP, HIST, and LIT majors and should be taken prior to completing first 12 hours of upper-division course work. Prerequisite: (HUMA 1301 or equivalent) and RHET 1302. (3-0) S

HUMA 3342 Topics in the Humanities (3 semester hours) Subject matter will vary from semester to semester. May be repeated for credit (9 hours maximum). Prerequisite: HUMA 1301 or equivalent or instructor consent required. (3-0) R