UT Dallas 2020 Graduate Catalog

PSCI6338 - Politics and Policy in China

PSCI 6338 (PPPE 6338) Politics and Policy in China (3 semester credit hours) This course introduces the political and policy processes in China with a focus on economic reform and development. It will give comprehensive coverage of the political system in China under the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and how policy making processes evolve from a soviet style to market reform to state-market collaborations in many policy areas. The party-state system permeates every level of the policy process from central government to local agencies. Cases include one child policy, minority policy (Uyghurs and Tibet), foreign affairs regarding Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, housing policy, fiscal and monetary policies, and bilateral relations with the United States. This course engages each student in reading, discussions, and formulating research ideas via collaborative projects. At end of course, students will coauthor with group members a policy-related research report specializing in one policy area. (3-0) R