UT Dallas 2020 Graduate Catalog

School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences

The School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences offers graduate preparation at the master's and doctoral levels designed to meet the needs of students with both research and professional objectives. With instruction and mentoring from internationally recognized faculty, the school's programs emphasize multidisciplinary training coupled with opportunities for intensive research and clinical experiences. The school's degree programs draw upon three clusters of expertise: Communication Sciences and Disorders, Cognition and Neuroscience, and Psychology. The Callier Center for Communication Disorders-Dallas, Callier-Richardson, the Center for BrainHealth, the Center for Vital Longevity, and the Center for Children and Families, all large comprehensive clinical, research, and community service facilities, further enrich the training of graduate students.

Degrees Offered


Professors: Hervé Abdi, Peter F. Assmann, Thomas Campbell, Sandra B. Chapman, Christine Dollaghan, W. Jay Dowling, Julia Evans, Francesca Filbey, Lisa Goffman, Richard M. Golden, John Hart Jr., William F. Katz, Michael P. Kilgard, Daniel Krawczyk, Colleen G. Le Prell, Aage R. Møller, Alice J. O'Toole, Margaret Tresch Owen, Denise C. Park, Karen J. Prager, Theodore Price, Robert L. Rennaker II, Ross J. Roeser, Pamela R. Rollins, Michael D. Rugg, Bart Rypma, John W. Santrock, Steven Small, Melanie J. Spence, Robert D. Stillman, Linda M. Thibodeau, Hanna K. Ulatowska, Anne van Kleeck

Associate Professors: Robert Ackerman, Chandramallika Basak, Gregory Dussor, Shayla C. Holub, Kristen Kennedy, Sven Kroener, Edward Lobarinas, Mandy J. Maguire, Christa McIntyre Rodriguez, Candice M. Mills, Jackie Nelson, Amy Pinkham, Jonathan E. Ploski, Karen Rodrigue, Raúl Rojas, Noah J. Sasson, Lucien (Tres) Thompson, Andrea Warner-Czyz, Gagan Wig

Assistant Professors: Michael Burton, Heidi Kane, Jiyoung Park, Kendra Seaman, Meghan Swanson, Catherine Thorn

Clinical Professors: Jackie Clark, Carol Cokely, Scott Griffiths

Clinical Assistant Professor: Andrea Gohmert

Clinical Faculty: Ana-Maria Mata-Otero

Senior Lecturers: Michelle Aldridge, Jessica Carter, Lucinda Dean, Donna Ewing, Diane Garst Walsh, Karen Kaplan, Helen Kenedi, Janice Lougeay, Felicity Sale, Emily Touchstone

UT Dallas Affiliated Faculty: Robert Ackerman, Shayla C. Holub, Heidi Kane, Candice M. Mills, Jackie Nelson, Margaret Tresch Owen, Amy Pinkham, Karen J. Prager, Ross J. Roeser, Raúl Rojas, Noah J. Sasson, Melanie J. Spence, Linda M. Thibodeau, Andrea Warner-Czyz

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