UT Dallas 2020 Graduate Catalog

PHYS6301 - Quantum Mechanics II

PHYS 6301 Quantum Mechanics II (3 semester credit hours) Non-relativistic many-particle systems and their second quantization description with creation and annihilation operators; Interactions and Hartree-Fock approximation, quasi-particles; attraction of fermions and superconductivity; repulsion of e bosons and super fluidity; lattice systems, classical fields and canonical quantization of wave equations; free electromagnetic field, gauges and quantization: photons; coherent states; Interaction of light with atoms and condensed systems: emission, absorption and scattering; vacuum fluctuations and Casimir force; elements of relativistic quantum mechanics: Klein-Gordon and Dirac equations; particles and antiparticles; spin-orbit coupling; fine structure of the hydrogen atom; micro-causality and spin-statistics theorem; non-relativistic scattering theory: scattering amplitudes, phase shifts, cross-section and optical theorem; Born series; inelastic and resonance scattering; perturbative analysis of the interacting fields: Time evolution and interaction representation, S-matrix and Feynman diagrams; simple scattering processes; Dyson's equation, self-energy and renormalization. Prerequisite: PHYS 6300. (3-0) Y