UT Dallas 2020 Graduate Catalog

PHYS5322 - Electromagnetism II

PHYS 5322 Electromagnetism II (3 semester credit hours) Fields and potentials, Gauge transformations and the wave equation. Electromagnetic waves in unbounded media - non-dispersive and dispersive media. Boundary conditions at interfaces. Solutions to the wave equation in rectangular cylindrical and spherical coordinates. Electromagnetic waves in bonded media - waveguides and resonant cavities. Radiating systems - electric and magnetic dipole radiation, electric quadruple radiation. Fundamentals of scattering and scalar diffraction. Lorentz transformation and covariant forms for Maxwell's equations. Radiation from moving charges - Synchrotron, Cherenkov and Bremstrahlung Radiation. Prerequisite: PHYS 5320 or equivalent. (3-0) Y