UT Dallas 2020 Graduate Catalog

EPPS7318 - Structural Equation and Multilevel

EPPS 7318 Structural Equation and Multilevel (Hierarchical) Modeling (3 semester credit hours) An introduction to structural equation modeling (SEM) and multilevel modeling (MLM), sometimes called hierarchical linear or mixed modeling. SEM represents a general approach to the statistical examination of the fit of a theoretical model to empirical data. Topics include observed variable (path) analysis, latent variable models (e.g., confirmatory factor analysis), and latent variable SEM analyses. MLM represents a general approach to handling data that are nested within each other or have random components. Topics include dealing with two-level data that may be cross-sectional, such as students within classes, or longitudinal, such as repeated observations on individuals, firms or countries. Recommended prerequisite: EPPS 7316 or equivalent. Prerequisite: ECON 6306 or ECON 6309 or EPPS 6316 or instructor consent required. (3-0) R