UT Dallas 2019 Undergraduate Catalog

School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Mathematics (BA)

Degree Requirements (120 semester credit hours)

Four-Year Degree Plan (Example)

This is an example only. Please see advisor to develop individual four-year plan.

Freshman Year
Fall Semester SCH Spring Semester SCH
HIST 1301 U.S. History Survey to Civil War2 8 3 HIST 1302 U.S. History Survey from the Civil War2 8 3
MATH 2417 Calculus I2 3 4 5 4 MATH 2419 Calculus II3 4 5 4
MATH 2306 Analytic Geometry2 3 MATH 2370 Introduction to Programming with MATLAB 3
COMM 1311 Survey of Oral and Technology-based Communication2 3 or CS 1325 Introduction to Programming I7
NATS 1101 Natural Sciences and Mathematics Freshman Seminar1 1 or CS 1337 Computer Science I7
UNIV 1010 Freshman Seminar1 0 PHYS 2325 Mechanics2 7
and PHYS 2125 Physics Laboratory I2 3 5
or PHYS 2421 Honors Physics I - Mechanics and Heat2 3 6 10
  14   14
Sophomore Year
Fall Semester SCH Spring Semester SCH
HUMA 1301 Exploration of the Humanities2 3 ARTS 1301 Exploration of the Arts2 3
MATH 2418 Linear Algebra7 4 MATH 2420 Differential Equations with Applications7 4
PHYS 2326 Electromagnetism and Waves2 3 6 11 3-4 MATH 2451 Multivariable Calculus with Applications7 4
or PHYS 2422 Honors Physics II - Electromagnetism and Waves2 3 6 11 MATH 3310 Theoretical Concepts of Calculus 3
PHYS 2126 Physics Laboratory II3 6 1 PSY 2301 Introduction to Psychology2 3
RHET 1302 Rhetoric2 3
  14-15   17
Junior Year
Fall Semester SCH Spring Semester SCH
GOVT 2305 American National Government2 3 GOVT 2306 State and Local Government2 3
MATH 3311 Abstract Algebra I 3 MATH 3379 Complex Variables 3
MATH 3323 Elementary Number Theory 3 MATH 3380 Differential Geometry 3
Upper-Division MATH Elective 3 Upper-Division MATH Elective 3
Elective 3 Elective 3
  15   15
Senior Year
Fall Semester SCH Spring Semester SCH
STAT 4351 Probability 3 STAT 4382 Stochastic Processes 3
Elective 9 Elective 11-13
Upper-Division MATH Elective 3
  15   15-16
1 Incoming freshmen must enroll and complete requirements of UNIV 1010 and the corresponding school-related freshman seminar course. Students, including transfer students, who complete their core curriculum at UT Dallas must take UNIV 2020.
2 Curriculum Requirements can be fulfilled by other approved courses from accredited institutions of higher education. The courses listed are recommended as the most efficient way to satisfy both Core Curriculum and Major Requirements at UT Dallas.
3 A required Major course that also fulfills Core Curriculum requirements. If semester credit hours are counted in the Core Curriculum, students must complete additional coursework to meet the minimum requirement for graduation. Course selection assistance is available from the undergraduate advisor.
4 Three semester credit hours of Calculus are counted to fulfill the Mathematics Core Requirement with the remaining five semester credit hours to be counted under Component Area Option Core.
5 MATH 2417 and MATH 2419 requirements can be fulfilled by completing MATH 2413, MATH 2414, and MATH 2415.
6 Six semester credit hours of Physics are counted under Science core, and one semester credit hour of Physics (PHYS 2125) is counted under Component Area Core.
7 Indicates a prerequisite class to be completed before enrolling in upper-division classes.
9 Approval of Mathematics department advisor required.
10 PHYS 2421 Honors Physics I may be electively substituted for PHYS 2325. (Requires a minimum grade of B+ in either MATH 2413 or MATH 2417)
11 PHYS 2422 Honors Physics II may be electively substituted for PHYS 2326.
Needed prerequisites are satisfied if above degree program is followed in the sequence as indicated. Otherwise please see the catalog for prerequisite requirements.
51 Hours of upper division courses (course numbers beginning with 3 or greater) are required for all degrees.
Be sure to check prerequisites of Level 2 courses
120 semester credit hours required for graduation
Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REUs) during the summer are highly recommended for Mathematics majors planning to continue their education in graduate school, whether in Mathematics or another discipline. Formal REU programs exist at many universities, national laboratories, and even overseas, and usually offer a stipend typical of a graduate teaching assistantship. Announcements for REU programs usually appear online in December and application deadlines usually range from late January to early March. Requirements vary, but students are often eligible if they have completed their freshman year.
This plan is a resource tool only; it does not replace your degree plan or academic advising.
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