UT Dallas 2016 Graduate Catalog

School of Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communication

Graduate Program in Emerging Media and Communication

The program leading to the MA in Emerging Media and Communication focuses on ways in which network technologies are transforming the creation and dissemination of information and content. Providing an interdisciplinary education that connects theory with practice, the program combines the creation of digital content for multiple communication platforms with examination of cultural issues created by emerging technology. The program is intended for (a) researchers interested in engaging these issues to prepare to pursue a PhD, (b) professionals in fields such as journalism, design, public relations, and advertising that are powerfully affected by emerging communicative technologies, (c) graduates of programs in the humanities, media studies, communication, and journalism who wish to gain expertise in emerging media, and (d) teachers in the humanities and other fields that will be profoundly affected by new modes of communication and information transfer, and (e) graduates with degrees in computer science or related fields who wish to gain expertise in communication, . Students must complete 30 semester credit hours of coursework and a Capstone Project (EMAC 6391) of at least 3 semester credit hours.

Master of Arts in Emerging Media and Communication

33 semester credit hours minimum


Professors: Anne Balsamo, Frank Dufour, Monica Evans, Paul Fishwick, Roger Malina, Mihai Nadin

Clinical Professors: Elizabeth (Lisa) Bell, Tim Christopher, Carie King, Paul Lester

Professor of Practice: Marjorie Zielke

Associate Professors: Christine (xtine) Burrough, Eric Farrar, Todd Fechter, Scot Gresham-Lancaster, Rosanna Guadagno, Midori Kitagawa, Kim Knight, Maximilian Schich, Andrew Scott, Dean Terry

Clinical Associate Professors: Cassini Nazir, Derek Royal

Assistant Professors: Olivia Banner, Kristin Drogos, Phillip Hall, Casey Johnson, Angela M. Lee, Sean McComber, Ryan McMahan, Josef Nguyen

Clinical Assistant Professors: Janet Johnson, Jillian Round

Senior Lecturers: Michael Andreen, Elizabeth Boyd, Christopher Camacho, Melissa Hernandez-Katz, Christina Nielsen, Barbara Vance

Major Core Course: 9 semester credit hours

EMAC 6300 Interdisciplinary Studies in Emerging Media and Communication

EMAC 6373 Emerging Media Studio I

EMAC 6375 Social Science Perspectives of EMAC

Required Courses: 9 semester credit hours

EMAC 6342 Digital Culture

EMAC 6374 Digital Textuality

EMAC 6337 Emerging Media and Media Psychology

or EMAC 6365 Journalism and the Digital Network

Prescribed Electives: 9 semester credit hours

Nine semester credit hours chosen from the following courses:

ATEC 6331 Aesthetics of Interactive Arts

ATEC 6332 Design Principles

ATEC 6356 Interactive Narrative

ATEC 6361 Creating Interactive Media

EMAC 6337 Emerging Media and Media Psychology

EMAC 6350 Emerging Media and Identity

EMAC 6365 Journalism and the Digital Network

EMAC 6372 Approaches to Emerging Media and Communication

EMAC 6381 Special Topics in Emerging Media and Communication

EMAC 6383 Emerging Media Studio II

EPPS 6313 Introduction to Quantitative Methods

HUAS 6310 Introduction to Film Studies

HUAS 6315 The Arts in Historical Context

HUAS 6330 Studies in the Visual Arts

HUAS 6339 Painting/Digital Imaging/Video

HUAS 6354 Creating Short Fictions

HUAS 6355 Creating Nonfictions

HUAS 6373 Studies in Film, Television, and Digital Media

HUAS 6375 Imagery and Iconography

HUAS 6391 Creativity: Visual Arts Workshop

HUAS 6392 Creativity: Image/Text Workshop

HUAS 6393 Creativity: Time-Based Arts Workshop

HUHI 6351 History and Philosophy of Science and Technology

HUSL 6355 Literature, Science, and Culture

HUSL 6384 Digital and Visual Rhetoric

PSYC 6350 Social Development

PSYC 6376 Social Psychology

Free Elective: 3 semester credit hours

Capstone Project: 3 semester credit hours

EMAC 6391 [Capstone] Advanced Capstone Workshop

In their final semester, students must elect at least 3 semester credit hours to complete and present a Capstone Project.

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