UT Dallas 2016 Graduate Catalog

BMEN6337 - Good Manufacturing Practices

BMEN 6337 Good Manufacturing Practices (3 semester credit hours) This course introduces students to the requirements, best practices, engineering problems and analysis related to the design, planning, control, and improvement of manufacturing and service operations. A wide range of topics are covered, such as: Bill of Materials, Device Master Files, Device History Records, production controls, process analysis, supply chain design, procurement and materials management, production scheduling, process risk management and product design for manufacturability. Classes will involve explaining concepts; working examples; discussing models of manufacturing systems, including transfer lines and flexible manufacturing systems; Manufacturing engineering validation master planning; evaluation and calculation of performance measures, including throughput, in-process inventory, and meeting production commitments; and real-time control of scheduling including effects of machine failure, set-ups, and other disruptions on system performance. Department consent required. Prerequisites: BMEN 6331 and BMEN 6333 (3-0) Y

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