UT Dallas 2015 Undergraduate Catalog

CE4388 - Senior Design Project I

CE 4388 Senior Design Project I (3 semester credit hours) First of two sequential semesters devoted to a team project that engages students in the full engineering design process. The goal of senior design projects is to prepare the student to run/participate in engineering projects related to an appropriate industry. Thus, all project teams are to follow standard industrial practices and methods. Teams must carry the engineering project to completion, examining real world and multiple design constraints, following applicable industrial and business standards. Such constraints may include but are not limited to: economic, environmental, industrial standards, team time/resource management and cross-disciplinary/departmental result integration. Students are required to work in teams that include collaborative design interaction. Additionally, cross-disciplinary teams are encouraged but not required. In Senior Design I, project proposals will be written, reviewed and approved. Initial designs will be completed and corresponding constraints will be determined. All students will participate in a public oral and poster presentation following departmental approved guidelines at a departmental approved time and location. Teams will also submit a written end of semester progress report and documented team communication (complete sets of weekly reports and/or log books) following guidelines approved by the faculty. Prerequisites: ECS 3390 and one of the following prerequisite sequences: ((CE 3311 or EE 3311), and (CE 3320 or EE 3320), and (CE 3345 or CS 3345 or SE 3345 or TE 3345), and (CE 3354 or CS 3354 or SE 3354)), or [((ENGR 3300 and (CE 3302 or EE 3302 or TE 3302), and (CE 3311 or EE 3311), and (CE 3320 or EE 3320)), or ((ENGR 3300 and (CE 3302 or EE 3302 or TE 3302), and (CE 3345 or CS 3345 or SE 3345 or TE 3345)); prerequisite or corequisite: EE 3350 or TE 3350.] (Same as EE 4388 and TE 4388) (3-0) S