UT Dallas 2015 Undergraduate Catalog

Undergraduate Policies and Procedures

Special Registration for High School Students

The Dean of Undergraduate Education will consider the special registration of highly qualified high school students in specific UT Dallas mathematics courses only on an individual basis. Permission for special registration in particular mathematics courses will be granted at the discretion of the Dean of Undergraduate Education.

To request special registration, a prospective student must complete an application for admission and submit a copy of his/her high school transcript, community college transcript, and all standardized test results. In addition, a letter must accompany the application from the student's high school counselor endorsing the high school student's enrollment in a particular course. The counselor must also assure the University that the requested mathematics course(s) represent instruction unavailable and/or advanced beyond that offered at the student's high school and the local community college.

Registration decisions will be based on the academic credentials of the applicant, including the applicant's completion of all calculus courses at the student's local community college, the scholastic rigor of the requested classes, the course prerequisites, and the demand for the class on the part of ongoing UT Dallas students. Only the Dean of Undergraduate Education and/or designees may approve the enrollment of a high school student.

Upon acceptance, the high school student will register as a non-degree seeking student for one semester term.

High school students will not be considered for special registration until they pass all sections of the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) Assessment, or meet one of the following criteria which exempt them from the TSI Assessment requirements:

  1. Earn a composite score of 23 or higher on the ACT, with individual math, reading and English scores of no less than 19.
  2. Earn a composite score of 1070 or higher on the SAT, with 500 critical reading (formally "verbal") and 500 math.
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