UT Dallas 2015 Undergraduate Catalog

BMEN1100 - Introduction to Bioengineering I

BMEN 1100 Introduction to Bioengineering I (1 semester credit hour) Project-based instruction. This course provides the initial introduction to biomedical engineering tools and techniques. This course will provide hands on learning in circuit design, basic analog and digital circuits, programming, sensors and actuators. The purpose of this course is to give students a basic understanding of modern engineering tools and how they interface with computers to solve bioengineering problems. CE 1100 or CS 1200 or EE 1100 or MECH 1100 can substitute for this course. Credit cannot be received for more than one of the following: BMEN 1100, CE 1100, CS 1200, EE 1100 or MECH 1100. (0-2) Y