UT Dallas 2015 Undergraduate Catalog

BIOL3310 - Nanomedicine

BIOL 3310 Nanomedicine (3 semester credit hours) Nanomedicine is an emerging area where biology and nanotechnology converge, combining multidisciplinary fields such as biology, medicine, chemistry, physics and engineering. The rapid development of nanomedicine also has ethical and environmental implications. This course provides an introduction and overview of nanomedicine for undergraduate Curriculum V honors students. The course consists of a 3-hour lecture series one day a week, plus a workshop. The lectures begin with the basics of protein and lipid structure, providing a review for understanding how bio-macromolecules combine to form the structural and functional units of the intact cell that are important for nanomedicine applications. Guest lecturers from academia and industry will also present talks in their specialty areas, including a lecture on emerging ethical issues related to the practice of nanomedicine. The last part of the course consists of student presentations on topics of interest. Prerequisite or Corequisite: BIOL 3361 and instructor consent required. (3-0) Y