UT Dallas 2018 Undergraduate Catalog

MUSI3327 - Music in Modern Culture

MUSI 3327 Music in Modern Culture (3 semester credit hours) This course examines modern music from a variety of cultural perspectives and encourages students to bring their own musical experiences and knowledge to the discussion. Topics will include the business of music; music and technology; music and film; music and video games; music and television; music and emotion; music and cognition; music and perception; music and social media; music and science; music and society; music and psychology; music and political economy; music and drama; music and literature; and many more. We will then consider how these concepts have changed through the history of music, from ancient to modern times. This is an upper level course and requires analysis of musical works, readings and a paper or presentation. Prerequisite: Completion of 050 Creative Arts Core. (3-0) Y