UT Dallas 2018 Undergraduate Catalog

MATH2413 - Differential Calculus

MATH 2413 (MATH 2413) Differential Calculus (4 semester credit hours) Course covers topics in differential calculus of functions of one variable; topics include limits, continuity, derivative, chain rule, implicit differentiation, mean value theorem, maxima and minima, curve sketching, derivatives of inverse trigonometric functions, antiderivative, substitution method, and applications. Three lecture hours and two discussion hours a week; a problem section required with MATH 2413, and will also be registered for exam section. Not all MATH/STAT courses may be counted toward various degree plans. Please consult your degree plan to determine the appropriate MATH/STAT course requirements. Prerequisite: ALEKS score required or a grade of at least a C- in MATH 2306 or MATH 2312. (3-2) S