UT Dallas 2018 Undergraduate Catalog

ITSS4351 - Foundations of Business Intelligence

ITSS 4351 Foundations of Business Intelligence (3 semester credit hours) Students are introduced to foundational business intelligence (BI) concepts and explore the theory and practice of data warehouses for enterprises. BI concepts including data mart schemas, ETL, OLAP, cubes and reporting will be covered. The course will also examine the components of an enterprise data warehouse, extract, cleanse, consolidate, and transform heterogeneous data into a single enterprise data warehouse, and run queries using a data warehouse. Prerequisites: ITSS 3300 and ITSS 4300 and (MATH 1326 or MATH 2414 or MATH 2419) and (MATH 2333 or OPRE 3333 or MATH 2418 or MATH 2415 or CS 2305). (3-0) Y