UT Dallas 2018 Undergraduate Catalog

EE1202 - Introduction to Electrical Engineering II

EE 1202 Introduction to Electrical Engineering II (2 semester credit hours) EE 1202 introduces the discipline of engineering. It includes a 1.5-hour lecture per week plus a 3-hour fundamentals laboratory that stresses learning about laboratory procedures and equipment. Topics include: Learning the use of common laboratory electronic equipment; understanding the assembly of electronic circuits; and making various measurements. Students also learn how to work together with a partner and how to write a laboratory report. The lecture introduces general engineering practices, engineering research at UT Dallas, engineering activities at selected local companies, and concepts such as innovation and invention. The course also includes lectures and projects on communication, understanding the importance of lifelong learning, ethics, and a knowledge of contemporary issues. EE 1202 may be taken by students outside of engineering in order to learn about the engineering profession. (Same as CE 1202 and TE 1202) (1.5-3) S