UT Dallas 2018 Undergraduate Catalog

CS4337 - Organization of Programming Languages

CS 4337 Organization of Programming Languages (3 semester credit hours) Principles of design and implementation of contemporary programming languages. Formal description including specification of syntax and semantics of programming languages. Language definition structures including binding, scoping, data types, control structures, parameter passing, abstraction mechanism, and run-time considerations. Design issues of imperative languages, object-oriented languages, functional languages and logic languages. Design, implement, and debug programs in various programming language paradigms. Prerequisites: ((CE 2336 or CS 2336 or TE 2336) with a grade of C or better or CS 3333) and (CE 2305 or CS 2305 or TE 2305) with a grade of C or better and (CS 3340 or SE 3340 or TE 3340 or CE 4304 or EE 4304). (Same as CE 4337) (3-0) S