UT Dallas 2018 Undergraduate Catalog

BIOL4317 - Cellular and Molecular Medicine of Human Diseases

BIOL 4317 Cellular and Molecular Medicine of Human Diseases (3 semester credit hours) This course is designed to provide upper level undergraduate students with current understandings of and experimental approaches (e.g. animal models) to human diseases with emphasis on cellular and molecular basis of cancer, metabolic diseases, inflammation, and tissue injuries. Students will become aware of the most recent advancements in biomedical research and the contributions of various animal models to basic and clinical studies. Students are also expected to acquire the necessary skills to interpret and present recent landmark research articles. Sessions include lectures, seminars from invited guest lecturers, and journal article presentation. Prerequisites: (BIOL 3301 and BIOL 3302 and BIOL 3361) or instructor consent required. (3-0) S