UT Dallas 2013 Undergraduate Catalog

SPAU4188 - Dean's Scholars' Seminar

SPAU 4188 Dean's Scholars' Seminar (1 semester hour) A course for students enrolled in the Dean's Scholars' Program (minimum 3.600 GPA and 30 graded hours at UTD) who wish to pursue doctoral-level professional careers. The seminar introduces scholars to the quality and demands of doctoral-level careers and includes service activities in BBS. Aims of the seminar include 1) learning about requirements for admission into doctoral level programs, 2) meeting with professionals to learn how they built their careers and with BBS faculty to learn about research and internship opportunities, 3) introduction to demands of doctoral-level careers, and 4) participation in BBS service activities. This course is required for all students seeking to graduate as BBS Dean's Scholars. Offered only in fall semester. (Same as CLDP 4188 and CGS 4188 and NSC 4188 and PSY 4188) (1-0) Y