UT Dallas 2015 Graduate Catalog

Naveen Jindal School of Management

Master of Science in Supply Chain Management

36 semester credit hours minimum


Professors: Alain Bensoussan, Metín Çakanyildirim, Milind Dawande, Theodore E. Day, Ganesh Janakiraman, Elena Katok, Shun-Chen Niu, Özalp Özer, Suresh P. Sethi, Kathryn E. Stecke, John J. Wiorkowski

Clinical Professors: Divakar Rajamani, Kannan Ramanathan

Associate Professors: Surya N. Janakiraman, Alp Muharremoglu, Gil Sadka, Kelsey D. Wei

Clinical Associate Professor: Sonia Leach

Assistant Professors: Dorothée Honhon, Arzu Ozoguz, Anyan Qi, Malcolm Wardlaw, Shengqi Ye, Jieying Zhang

Clinical Assistant Professors: Shawn Alborz, Athena Alimirzaei

Senior Lecturers: Monica E. Brussolo, Eugene (Gene) Deluke, Carol Flannery, Avanti P. Sethi

Degree Requirements

The Master of Science in Supply Chain Management (MS SCM) is an STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) degree program that explores the key issues associated with the design and management of industrial supply chains, including methods for improving supply chain operations by lowering costs and improving quality. The depth of our supply chain program uniquely prepares students to be the next generation business leaders with skills and competencies necessary to perform across functions within an organization. Students gain business management knowledge and analytical decision-making skills (especially for complex systems) along with real-life experiences through industry projects.

The MS SCM program is designed for students with or without previous educational background in supply chain management. Students must maintain a 3.0 grade point average in both core courses and in aggregate courses to qualify for the MS degree. Students can also obtain a dual MS SCM/MBA degree by successfully completing a total of 63 semester credit hours (if all prerequisites are met).


Calculus is required as a graduate program prerequisite. Candidates that have not taken an equivalent course will need to complete OPRE 6303 with a grade of "B" or better to meet the calculus requirement.

Course Requirements

Basic Business Core Courses: 9 semester credit hours

OPRE 6301 Quantitative Introduction to Risk and Uncertainty in Business

OPRE 6302 Operations Management

And choose one course from the following courses

ACCT 6305 Accounting for Managers

FIN 6301 Financial Management1

Supply Chain Management Core Courses: 9 semester credit hours

OPRE 6366 Global Supply Chain Management

OPRE 6370 Global Logistics and Transportation

OPRE 6371 Purchasing, Sourcing and Contract Management

Supply Chain Management Elective Courses: 18 semester credit hours

OPRE 6V98 Supply Chain Management Internship

OPRE 6325 Healthcare Operations Management

OPRE 6332 Spreadsheet Modeling and Analytics

OPRE 6335 Risk and Decision Analysis

OPRE 6340 Flexible Manufacturing Strategies

OPRE 6341 Retail Operations

OPRE 6355 Experimental Management Sciences

OPRE 6362 Project Management in Engineering and Operations

OPRE 6363 Inventory Control

OPRE 6364 Quality Control (Lean Six Sigma)

OPRE 6367 Capstone Projects in Supply Chain Management

OPRE 6368 Industrial Applications in Supply Chains

OPRE 6369 Supply Chain Software (SAP APO)

OPRE 6377 Demand and Revenue Management

OPRE 6378 Supply Chain Strategy

OPRE 6379 Product Lifecycle Management

OPRE 6387 Models of Energy Markets

OPRE 6388 Engineering Packaged Goods Distribution

OPRE 6389 Managing Energy: Risk, Investment, Technology (MERIT)

OPRE 6398 Prescriptive Analytics

Free Elective (optional): As part of the 18 semester credit hours of elective courses, students may choose an SCM international trip or any three semester credit hour graduate level course offered within JSOM as a free elective course.

1. Executive Education students may take FIN 6301 course as an elective with a prior approval of the program director.

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