UT Dallas 2015 Graduate Catalog

Energy Management

ENGY 6330 Energy Law and Contracts (3 semester credit hours) This course provides an introductory overview of U.S. and international energy laws that govern oil, natural gas, coal, nuclear, renewable energy and electric generation. The course covers the history of energy regulation and explores current laws governing the use, production, and transmission of energy sources, as well as environmental regulations. (3-0) S

ENGY 6331 Capstone Project in Energy (3 semester credit hours) Capstone projects are experiential learnings sponsored by local industries and provide the students an opportunity to apply the skills and knowledge gained in core courses to solve real world challenging problems or simulated projects in the area of energy management. Students work in a team environment, interact with industry leaders and gain some industry specific knowledge. Prerequisites: FIN 6335 and FIN 6336 and MECO 6318 and OPRE 6389. (3-0) Y

ENGY 6336 (FIN 6336) Energy Accounting and Taxation (3 semester credit hours) This course explores and discusses the special accounting rules for the energy industries and their special tax treatment. Prerequisite: ACCT 6201 or ACCT 6305. (3-0) T