UT Dallas 2013 Undergraduate Catalog

Undergraduate Programs / Academics

The degree requirements for each program are presented in the same format. There are course requirements in three broad areas: Core Curriculum, program major, and electives. Each program may recommend specific courses to be used in meeting core curriculum requirements. Under major requirements, each program lists the required major preparatory courses, major core courses to be taken by all students, and major related courses. The related courses section defines options or concentrations within the major. Elective requirements vary by program. Students may view semester class schedules at coursebook.utdallas.edu. Class syllabi and faculty vitae are available at coursebook.utdallas.edu.

School of Arts and Humanities

School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences

School of Economic, Political and Policy Sciences

Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science

School of Interdisciplinary Studies

School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

1. Fast Track program is available

Double Majors / Double Degrees

The University of Texas at Dallas offers the following prescribed double majors:

  • Biology (BA) and Criminology (BA)
  • Business Administration (BS) and Biology (BS)
  • Economics (BS) and Finance (BS)
  • Molecular Biology (BS) and Business Administration (BS)

A student is limited to two majors per undergraduate degree.

Students may also be able to earn double degrees.

For additional information, go to "Other Degree Requirements" at catalog.utdallas.edu/2013/undergraduate/curriculum/other-degree-requirements.

For information concerning honors, please see "Graduation with Honors" at catalog.utdallas.edu/2013/undergraduate/policies/graduation#honors.

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